Published in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act, this document is to provide information to those who sign up for PeaceMailer membership about items of personal information collected, the purpose of their collection and their use, the retention and usage period of personal information, the right to refuse consent, and the disadvantages of refusing consent. Please read the information carefully before deciding wheter to give your consent.

1. Collected personal information
When a user signs up for membership in order to use personalized or membership services such as messenger, live broadcasting, channels, shopping, etc., PeaceMailer collects the minimum amount of personal information necessary to use the service.
The following personal information are collected by PeaceMailer from users when they sign up for membership:
– ID, password, name, date of birth, gender, and mobile phone number are collected as required items when registering as a member. If the date of birth provided by the user indicates that he or she is a minor under the age of 14, information about the legal representative, including his or her name, date of birth, gender, duplication information (DI) and mobile phone number, is also collected. We also collect, as optional items, each user’s email address and profile information.
-When registering as an organization or group with a group ID, the organization’s ID, password, official name, official email address, and mobile phone number are collected as required items. And, as an optional item, the name of the representative of the group is collected.
The following personal information are collected from users when using our services:
When using individual services or applying for events and giveaways within PeaceMailer, additional personal information may be collected only for users of those services. In such cases of additional personal information collection, we inform users of the items of personal information to be collected, the purpose of collection and use of personal information, and the retention period of the personal information at the time of collection, and obtain their consent.
When using a service, a user’s IP address, cookies, service usage records, device information, and location information can be generated and collected. Images or sound recordings may also be collected from image and sound services.
1) Information about users is automatically generated and stored (collected) during their usage of our services, or
2) The exclusive information of a user’s device is safely transformed and collected so that the original values cannot be identified. Location information may be collected in the process of using the service.
The location-based services provided by PeaceMailer are detailed in the PeaceMailer Location Information Terms of Use.
The information collected in this way may or may not correspond to personal information depending on whether or not it is linked to other personal information.

2. Use of collected personal information
PeaceMailer uses personal information only for the purposes described below, such as managing subscribers (members) to PeaceMailer and all services related to PeaceMailer (including mobile web/apps), service development, provision and improvement, and creating a safe internet user environment.
-Personal information is used for managing subscribers (members), such as confirmation of membership registration, age verification and legal representative consent, identification of users and legal representatives, user identification, and confirmation of membership withdrawal.
– In addition to providing existing services and contents (including advertisements), personal information is used for conducting demographic analysis of users, analysis of service visits and usage records, formation of user-to-user relationships based on personal information and interests, and provision of customized services based on acquaintances and interests, so as to discover new service ideas and improve existing services.
– Personal information is used for user protection and service operation, such as service restrictions on members who violate the laws and terms of PeaceMailer, prevention of and sanctions against acts that interfere with the smooth operation of the service including fraudulent acts, prevention of account theft and illegal transactions, notice of revision of the terms and conditions, preservation of records of dispute mediation and settlement, and handling of petitions and complaints.
– Personal information is used to verify the user’s identity when providing premium services, make purchases and payments and to deliver product and services.
– Personal information is used to provide information on events and provide opportunities to participate in them, to provide advertising and for other marketing and promotional purposes.
– Personal information is used to analyze service use records and access frequencies, calculate statistics on service use, analyze services and provide customized services based on statistics, and place advertisements.
-In terms of security, privacy, and safety, personal information is used to build a safe service environment that users can use with confidence.

3. Retention period of personal information
In principle, the company will destroy a user’s personal information immediately upon his or her withdrawal from membership.
However, if separate consent is obtained from the user on the storage period of personal information, or if the law imposes an obligation on the company to store information for a certain period of time, personal information is kept safely for that period.
PeaceMailer will obtain separate consent from the user for personal information storage for a specified period for the following purposes:
-Prevention of fraudulent subscription and use
Subscription authentication mobile phone number or duplicate information (DI) (legal representative’s DI for users aged 14 or under): Stored for 6 months from the time of collection
Mobile phone number: Up to 1 year from the time of request for registration/modification/deletion
-Prevention of duplicate provision of PeaceMailer membership service benefits
Encrypted (hash-processed) DI: Stored for 6 months from the end of benefit provision
Relevant statutes, including the Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc., the Electronic Financial Transactions Act, and the Protection of Communications Secrets Act, require the storage of information for a certain period of time. PeaceMailer keeps such personal information in accordance with the provisions of the law during this period and in no case shall the information be used for any other purpose.
– Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce Act
Records on contract or withdrawal of subscription are to be preserved for 5 years.
Records on payment and supply of goods are to be preserved for 5 years.
Records on consumer complaints or dispute settlement are to be preserved for 3 years.
-Electronic Financial Transactions Act
Records on electronic finance are to be preserved for 5 years
– Protection of Communications Secrets Act
Log-in history is to be preserved for 3 months.

4. Right to refuse consent to collection and use of personal information
Users have the right to refuse to consent to the collection and use of personal information. Membership registration, however, may be difficult if you refuse to consent to the collection and use of the minimum level of personal information that is required for registration.
Registered users can also receive various information such as events/benefits provided by PeaceMailer either by mobile phone (PeaceMailer app notification or text) or email. In the case of some services (operated by a separate membership system, or services available only through additional subscriptions after joining PeaceMailer), users may be asked to separately agree to receive information on those particular services. PeaceMailer will separately notify such users for their consent.